About BOS' Chemistry Education Resources

Teaching middle and high school chemistry is challenging. One big challenge is how to effectively demonstrate chemical experiments in classrooms. A chemistry teacher is likely to face four major problems:

1. There are so many chemical reactions and it takes a lot time and efforts to prepare the demonstrations.

2. Some reactions are too poisonous or dangerous to be demonstrated in classrooms.

3. A carefully prepared demonstration could fail.

4. Even if a demonstration is successful, it would be very hard for every student in a big classroom to see all the details.

To solve these problems, we have created BOS' Chemistry Education Resources for chemistry teachers, covering most of the middle school and high school chemistry curriculums. Special techniques are used to produce high-quality content: macro photography reveals great details of chemical phenomena, time-lapse photography speeds up slow reactions, infrared thermal imaging transforms reaction heat into intuitive imagery, and 3D molecular visualization help students understand the invisible molecular world.

Finally, our resources are also helpful to students who want to get a better understanding of chemical experiments and molecular structures by studying at their own schedule.

For feedback and suggestions, please send your email to wangkai@beautyofscience.com or leave a message via this contact form.

About Beauty of Science (BOS)

Founded in 2016, Beauty of Science (BOS) is a brand that creates science content that has a strong emphasis on artistic presentation. With a focus on K-12 science education and outreach, BOS also provides special content for commercial brands and film & TV industry.

Chemistry has always been BOS’ favorite subject. Other BOS chemistry projects include:

Envisioning Chemistry
: An online exhibition that blends chemistry and art, revealing the beauty of chemistry like never before. (Media coverage: National Geographic, Seeker, Quartz, Wired UK)

Hey! Elements
a book series for kids to learn about the chemical elements and compounds.

Beauty of Science is founded by Yan Liang, Ph.D., who is the main creator of Beautiful Chemistry, a project with the goal to bring the beauty of chemistry to the general public. Its chemical reaction videos have been viewed millions of times and won an Experts’ Choice Award in 2015 Vizzies Visualization Challenge organized by NSF and Popular Science magazine.



Experiment Design

Kai WANG, Xuchen ZHANG, Dingli WANG



Video Editors

Xiang ZHANG, Xuchen ZHANG, Yan LI

CG Animators



We thank Erping Wu (periodictable.cn) for kindly providing chemical element photographs (C, Ru, and V) shown in the subscription pages.